CP Series #8 [Pizzatron 3000 Sheet Music]

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Hola Amigos,

It is rare anyone will see this since I did not publicise this post, I only added a link at the top of the previous one. Now that the Nachos are dead it did not feel right for me to post it on the site, so I decided to post it here. Of all the mini-games in Club Penguin, Pizzatron 3000 has the best music in my opinion, so today I bring you its sheet music!


SWF: 106

I decided to write a solo piano version because I think it sounds the best (I might be biased since I play piano). Here is the sheet music and below it is the video of Noteflight playing the score!

Click to enlarge
pizzatron 3000 sheet1pizzatron 3000 sheet2


Apologies for the slight time delay in the audio. Anyways, have fun and swing those eighth-notes 🙂

If you somehow happened to find this I hope you enjoyed it. This will most likely be the last one of these music posts I’ll do, and maybe even the last post I will make as Stone523.

\(°0°)/ Stone523 \(°0°)/
– Nachos Composer

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