CP Series #9 [DJ3K Mix Sheet Music]

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Welcome to the 5th edition of my Club Penguin music posts. The Music Jam happening on CPR reminded me of one my favourite soundtracks and igloo music, the DJ3K Mix! It is currently being played in the Night Club, if you haven’t listened to it before.


SWF: 242

I wrote a quick arrangement for the 4 voices, though obviously the drums and percussion are a big part of the song too. The track uses I believe an alto saxophone, as well as electric guitar, electric piano, and electric bass. Luckily 3/4 of the instruments were on Noteflight, the only substitution I had to make was piano instead of electric piano. Each part is labeled in front of the staves.

Click to enlarge
DJ3K Sheet1DJ3K Sheet2

As expected, there is a large amount of repeats since the song is repetitive as it builds up. Remember to look out for those 2nd endings. Below is a video of Noteflight playing the score. Enjoy 🙂

It seems that many people like the piano tutorial versions, so I made one too. The plus side of this video is that Synthesia offers a greater variety of instruments/sounds to choose from, so the voices sound closer to those in the actual song. However, MIDI audio is a lot lower quality than WAV audio (used in the Noteflight video), so you may hear static noise in the background.

And that is all for this post, enjoy the CPR Music Jam!

Stone on keyboard.png
\(°0°)/ Stone \(°0°)/

P.S. If there’s a song you’d like to see next time, comment it below!

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