CP Series #10 [Pizza Parlor Sheet Music]

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Well it’s been requested for over a month now on my Youtube channel, I just never got around to finishing it until now. Today I bring you that soft jazz tune from the Pizza Parlour everyone loves, Charlie’s Here!


SWF: 20

Well this one took some extra time to figure out. It wasn’t too hard to play, but to actually notate it was giving me trouble. The song is in swing time but most of the melody doesn’t conform to swinging 8ths. And within bars I never know when to use rhythm dots or note ties, usually I go for dots. Regardless I think my arrangement is pretty good. Here is the sheet music:

Click to enlarge
Charlie's Here Sheet1 Charlie's Here Sheet2

The song features a piano-bass-drums trio, so I wrote out the notes for the piano and acoustic bass. I changed the dynamics (symbols like pp, p, mp, fa lot and sometimes multiple times in a single measure since certain chords or notes are played softer than others. Below is a video of Noteflight playing the score:

I also recorded a piano tutorial version played by Synthesia. Enjoy 😀

Hope you liked this post, comment what song you want to see next!

Stone on keyboard
\(°0°)/ Stone \(°0°)/

Fun fact: Exactly 1 year ago today, I made the 1st post in this series. This is the 10th post in the series, which means I averaged 1 post every 36.5 days.

Update: Sheet music with chord symbols added (request from iCeFLARE).

Click to enlarge
Charlie's Here Sheet1aCharlie's Here Sheet2a

3 thoughts on “CP Series #10 [Pizza Parlor Sheet Music]

  1. Thank you – kids have had a covid19 renaissance with club penguin and can now join in so we do this as a jazz standard!

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