CP Series #11 [8 Bit Sheet Music]

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Some of you may remember the virtual world mini-game during the more recent Fall Fairs that you could play on the mysterious unplugged game machine. The music that would play in the background is called 8 Bit!

8 Bit Music

SWF: 606

If you haven’t heard the song, I believe it is available in the CPR igloo music selection. You can also look it up of course. 8 Bit is a cool free counterpoint song in B minor with the 6th and 7th pitches raised on occasion, meaning that it’s in Dorian or melodic minor modes. Club Penguin was great at making music that could repeat a lot without getting boring, and I think this is one of the best examples. Here is the sheet music:

Click to enlarge
8 Bit Music Sheet1 8 Bit Music Sheet2

The real notes for the song are notated on the first page, with a repeat. Starting on measure 31 is my improvisation, I found the i – IV – III – V | i – IV – VI – V progression fun to solo on. Below the grand staff is a percussion staff, with the slashes representing the drum hits. Here is the video of Noteflight playing the score:

I used a piano for the two voices and whatever drum sound that was available for the percussion, which in the real song sounds like a short ray gun blast. I also recorded my arrangement played by Synthesia, and I was able to use a synth lead sound that closely matches the original. Here is the video:

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you read this and want to see a different song next time, feel free to leave a request!

\(°0°)/ Stone \(°0°)/

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