CP Series #31 [Team Blue Rally Debut Sheet Music]

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Welcome back to another music post. Today I bring you the sheet music to the Team Blue Rally Debut play.


This song was requested by Fred Kim via email 3½ months ago.

It is actually just called “TB1” in the CP Wiki list of music (SWF #33), but it sounds very similar to SWF #36 titled “Team Blue Rally Play”, so “TB” likely stands for “Team Blue”. The 1 probably indicates that this was the music during the 1st Team Blue play in the Stage. Looking on Youtube, it seems to be called “Team Blue Rally Debut”, which was the name of the Stage play in 2008, and SWF #33 is the music listed for it.

The Penguin Games have begun on CPR, which is very much related to this theme, but they have not changed the Stage play since Underwater Adventure. Also, I don’t think this particular song is being played in any of the rooms. The instrumental voices are very simple. It features a keyboard, synth bass, trumpet, and trombone. Here is the sheet music:

Click to enlarge
Team Blue Rally Debut sheet1Team Blue Rally Debut sheet2

Here is a video played by Noteflight:

And here is a piano tutorial version played by Synthesia:

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have fun at the Penguin Games, you can find me on Team Red!

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