CP Series #32 [Sled Racing Sheet Music]

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Today I bring you the sheet music to another one of the 5 original mini-games, which is quite popular at the moment, Sled Racing!


SWF: 117

Now seems like as good a time as ever for this post, with Sled Racing being a huge part of the Penguin Games on CPR. It’s probably the most relevant this song will ever be again. :mrgreen: I think the leaderboard idea is very cool, as well as the extreme race at the top of the great mountain.

First, I have a couple Sled Racing tips to share that I would use back when CP was around.
1) Pay attention to the location of the ice patches , and remember it for the future, as those will boost you forwards.
2) Use all 4 arrow keys. This is most helpful advice I can give. Right → and Up ↑ will move you Right; Left← and Down ↓ will move you Left. This allows you to move across the slope much quicker. Now let’s get to the music!

The loop itself is only about 30 seconds, to last about the duration of a standard race. So instead I decided to transcribe the extended track as originally composed by Chris Hendricks (aka Screenhog), which you can listen to on his website HERE. The song begins with the same 16 measure loop used in CP, then goes into a guitar solo, and finishes with 4 measures ending the classic loop. It is 36 measures total in Fm, and consists of bass, trumpets, electric guitar, and a clavinet. Here is the sheet music:

Click to enlarge
Sled Racing sheet1Sled Racing sheet2Sled Racing sheet3

Here is a video played by Noteflight:

And here is a piano tutorial version played by Synthesia. Unfortunately Synthesia does not keep the guitar bends, idk why.

I’ve now transcribed the 3 out of 5 original mini-games (Sled Racing, Bean Counters, Hydro Hopper) that have music. I hope you enjoyed this post! What’s your favourite sled race? Mine has always been Ridge Run.

Stone on keyboard
\(°0°)/ Stone \(°0°)/

8 thoughts on “CP Series #32 [Sled Racing Sheet Music]

  1. I’m with you that Ridge Run is the best, but it’s hard to find that many people to play so I usually just go with Express. Also, this post is AMAZING!!! Keep it up!

  2. I’m glad you did the extended cut for the music! You did well on the transcription.

    By the way, the only reason this song has an extended cut is because the song actually had two purposes: the main game, and the Club Penguin Game Day game for the Nintendo Wii. We knew the song was going to be used in both places, so I composed a longer loop.

  3. Good work transcribing these. I’ve been playing guitar for over a decade and for the past few years have spent some time learning these songs by ear (can’t read sheet music, but I used to be able to.) I’d be delighted to show you some of my interpretations.

  4. Ah, Sled Racing. The wind in your face, the satisfaction of sliding over an ice patch, which gets crushed by a log.

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