CP Series #37 [Haunted Disco Sheet Music]

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This is it.

The pinnacle of Club Penguin, not just within the Halloween party — of the entire game. We’ve reached the absolute summit. The embodiment of everything Club Penguin is and ever was. The song that epitomises the meaning of all life and the universe in its infinite glory. It’s Haunted Disco.

bask in the light of the glorious haunted disco.jpg

SWF: 223, 781

If I haven’t memed this song enough yet read the description on the Synthesia video. xD This song was requested by nhaar and at least two other people.

In my opinion, this is Club Penguin’s best implementation of a song that can repeat forever without getting boring. The last measure blends in so smoothly to the first one that without paying very close attention I would never notice when it ends and loops back to the beginning. Haunted Disco is in A minor, with most of the notes in scale. It consists of a string instrument, a synthesizer, bass, and organ. I recorded an all-piano version, although left the tracks separate in the MIDI so each one can be distinguished (and also have its instrument changed separately if desired). Here is the sheet music:

Click to enlarge
Haunted Disco sheet1.pngHaunted Disco sheet2.pngHaunted Disco sheet3.png

Here is a video played by Noteflight:

And here is a piano tutorial version played by Synthesia:

This is a photo of the Halloween outfit I used in the original CP, called “Midnight Assassin”. I have all the items in CPR except the Bow and Arrow.


Now for some epic Haunted Disco photos. The chillest song in the game only comes once a year, so I like to spend a good amount of time in the Night Club during the Halloween Party. By chance I happened to be online during a “CPR archives” event.

haunted disco orange.png

haunted disco red.png

haunted disco purple.png

I hope you enjoyed this post, Happy Halloween!

stone haunted mansion organ.png
\(°0°)/ Stone \(°0°)/

⭐️ 30th music post ⭐️

1 thought on “CP Series #37 [Haunted Disco Sheet Music]

  1. Love this!!! I remember recording the song with my Nokia phone at least 10 years ago because I loved it so much. And yes, that did make it sound bad, but then I could listen to it again. Could you maybe transcribe it for a cello solo? So in the fa key (don’t know if I translated that correctly)?

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