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CP Series #18 [Meta – Music Sources]

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I have always wondered: where did CP get all of their music? Did they pay musicians to write it? Did they hire a music production team? Did they download or buy music online? The CP Wiki List of Music contains hundreds of songs! As someone who enjoys the music probably more than most people, I decided to make a post about this topic.


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CP Cheats #17 [Dojo Sheet Music]

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Greetings Ninjas!

Welcome back to another music post! Today I bring you the peaceful music which plays in the Dojo, while you are busy mastering the elements.


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CP Cheats #14 [Jazz Piano Sheet Music]

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I am back with more sheet music 😀 This edition features a jazz piece generically titled “Jazz Piano”. This song was first introduced in the Coffee Shop during the 2008 Music Jam, and later as igloo music. It’s sort of a hidden gem, at least in my opinion. If you’re a fan of Charlie’s Here, I think you’ll like this a lot!

Transparent Background copy 3

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CP Cheats #10 [Pizza Parlor Sheet Music]

← #9 [DJ3K Music]                                                                                              #11 [8 Bit Music] →


Well it’s been requested for over a month now on my Youtube channel, I just never got around to finishing it until now. Today I bring you that soft jazz tune from the Pizza Parlour everyone loves, Charlie’s Here!


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CP Cheats #9 [DJ3K Mix Sheet Music]

← #8 [Pizzatron 3000 Music]                                                           #10 [Pizza Parlour Music] →


Welcome to the 5th edition of my Club Penguin music posts. The Music Jam happening on CPR reminded me of one my favourite soundtracks and igloo music, the DJ3K Mix! It is currently being played in the Night Club, if you haven’t listened to it before.


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CP Cheats #8 [Pizzatron 3000 Sheet Music]

← #7 [Lighthouse Music]                                                                                    #9 [DJ3K Music] →

Hola Amigos,

It is rare anyone will see this since I did not publicise this post, I only added a link at the top of the previous one. Now that the Nachos are dead it did not feel right for me to post it on the site, so I decided to post it here. Of all the mini-games in Club Penguin, Pizzatron 3000 has the best music in my opinion, so today I bring you its sheet music!


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