MIDI Files

Welcome to the MIDI Files page! \(°0°)/

Fill out the form below to receive MIDI files of the songs in my CP music series. I will check the form requests periodically and send out an email to anyone who submitted it correctly with the files attached. Each person receives a separate email and I will never share anyone’s email address.

I am happy to send these to anyone 100% free. 😀 I would appreciate it (if you choose to upload videos of the music/post it somewhere yourself) if you give me credit for making the transcriptions and link my Youtube channel or the blog post that goes with the song. Enjoy the music!  🎼 🎹 🎶 🎵

MIDI Request Form

2) Select the song(s) you want [Maximum of 10 per submission] (required)

Last sent on:  Sep 3, 2019

\(°0°)/ Stone \(°0°)/

YT comment 2 15 18.png

Comments are appreciated so I know that people want me to continue sending out my MIDIs, and so people are assured that this is a legitimate service. If you tried it out and were satisfied, or if you have any questions, please consider commenting. 🙂

Scroll to bottom of page to comment. ↓


10 thoughts on “MIDI Files

  1. Honestly, I just arranged it into into a silly keyboard duet to do doing marching band with my fellow section members. The midi was emailed very fast and I can assure, we annoyed our techs a little bit! Thank you :3

  2. This is great! All of these Midis are well made and I really enjoy them a whole lot!
    I also received the midi file relatively quickly and thank you for that, I appreciate it!

  3. I had requested a number of MIDI files and received them and they are what I expected! I received the MIDI files ONLY a few days after my request. I thank you, Stone523, for your hard work on these!

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